Determine the color you want to reach

If you have a specific color in mind, it's helpful to have a sample of the color or its Pantone color code. If you're starting from scratch, think about the color you want to achieve and what Pantone color might be closest. Look up the Pantone code: Pantone is a standardized color-matching system used in the printing industry. You can find Pantone codes by looking up the color online or using a Pantone color swatch book. Here are some tools to get started. 🙂 Choose the right color mode: When setting up your digital file, make sure to use the correct color mode. For Pantone colors, use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) spot color mode. This will ensure that the printer knows exactly which color you want to use. Communicate the Pantone code to your printer: When sending your digital file to the printer, make sure to communicate the Pantone code so they know which color to use. They may also have their own Pantone swatch book to verify the color. Check the printed color: Once the job is printed, check the color against the Pantone swatch book or sample to make sure it matches. If it doesn't, talk to your printer about adjustments that can be made to achieve the desired color.
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